Celtic Moments have a beautiful range of Holistic products especially for you. We have Himalayan salt lamps, giving tranquil ambient light to your room. It cleanses and releases negative energy from your home. The glow is very subtle providing a peaceful, restful, and harmonising place to rest and relax.

Meditation candles, in glass votive holders, creating a fragrant aroma with natural and organic scents. Burn the candle whilst meditating, or just use as a room fragrance.

Meditation Candle

Sphere Salt Lamp

Celtic Moments Himalayan salt eggs: These make a perfect gift for a friend or just to indulge yourself. They have many uses, from being a natural deodorant, an exfoliate (they go rough when wet) a bath bomb, (should last for approx 3 baths, depending how long you spend in the tub) or they can even be heated to provide a gentle soothing feeling to your aching muscles. (care must be taken when heating in micro wave, please check your settings, and do it in stages to avoid avoid heating and scolding.)

Celtic Moments Lotus candle holders: The lotus flower is a sacred flower originating in Japan. We have a range of colours to choose from to use with your tealight candles. They give a gentle glow creating ambient light. Scented tealights also can be used.

Incense sticks, we have a small collection to choose from. If you like to create a smoky trail of beautiful aroma around your home these incense sticks from Celtic Moments are just what you need. ( Ideal for neutralising pet odours).

Lotus Candles holders

Himalayan Salt Eggs

Jasmine Incense Sticks

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