Moods Incense sticks


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Mood incense stick, contain a variety of 6 fragrances with 8 sticks in each.

Aloe Vera: Healing: is a fresh herbal style fragrance which has a healing and calming effect.

Sandalwood: Meditation: is rich,sweet,early fragrance. Use during Yoga, Meditation and prayer or just to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Lavender: Anti-stress: Lavender has been a favourite fragrance for centuries. Its fragrance is said to relieve stress and create a peaceful atmosphere at home.

Jasmine: Divinity: Since ancient times jasmine flowers have been used as offerings to the gods. Jasmine incense is said to create a supportive atmosphere for meditation and prayer.

Vanilla: Calming: Vanilla is a beautiful calming fragrance it is said to bring happiness and good fortune.

Frankincense: Spirituality: Frankincense has an intense thick scent reminiscent of woody forests, it is said to connect us to the spiritual self.

Caution: Take care when stick are light, they are hot and can burn, keep out of reach of small children.


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